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FARMA Energy cutter BC18

FARMA BC 18 Energy cutter makes your work in the forest more productive and the job faster. It is easy to fold and it easily cuts, gathers and loads everything from trees, rice as well as bush and stumps. The centre of gravity makes it easy to place the grapple directly at the root. FARMA energy cutter is a combined grapple and felling head often used for clearing energy wood. 

The cutter must not be used to handle trees with a diameter larger than 18 cm at the cutting point. Bear in mind that there are many aspects that can influence the potential to cut a tree of 18 cm, such as the tree species, moisture, and ambient temperature and whether the tree is frozen.

Energy cutter BC18 flange plate for 3 tons rotator included 

The FARMA felling head is recommended for FARMA cranes from size C 4.6 upwards.

Max. cutting diameter (mm*) 180
Max. grapple opening (mm) 660
Max. pressure (MPa) 19.0
Recommended oil flow (l/min *) 40-60
Tilt angle 90
Weight (Kg) 190

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