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FARMA Energy cutter BC25, excavator 100206

A larger, stronger and more powerful energy cutter for excavators.

The BC 25 is larger compared to BC 18 and is made for mounting with various adapters for small to medium-sized excavators. 

It fells up to 25 cm thick timber depending on tree species. It uses two powerful cylinders to quickly and efficiently cut through the timber. The replaceable knife is specially designed for BC 25 and is made of high wear resistant steel.

The BC 25 is equipped with exchangable quick couplers. For example S40 and S45 or any other quick coupler required. 

Max. cutting diameter (mm*) 250
Max. grapple opening (mm) 890
Max. pressure (MPa) 25.0
Recommended oil flow (l/min *) 40-60
Tilt angle -
Weight (Kg) 350

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