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BIGAB Z 8.0 700050

Under the BIGAB brand we offer Z-cranes in the sizes 6.6 and 8.0 m. A quickly unfolding and compact crane with really good performance. Thanks to our unique parking position you can load to maximum capacity each time the crane is used.

The function and design of the Z-crane have been developed specifically for BIGAB. The crane is designed to be parked in front of the tower in the transport position, so that it does not cause disruption during tipping and exchange. Thanks to an innovative approach in the design of the crane, a great deal of energy has been devoted to increasing visibility from the cab during tipping and exchange. The Z-crane has a reach of 8.0 m with a single telescope of 2.65 m. At full length, the crane can lift 590kg excl. grapple and rotator.


Lifting torque gross (kNm) 47
Slewing torque (kNm) 16
Slewing angle (degrees) 380
Reach (m) 8,0
Telescopic stroke length (m) 2,65
Recommended Oil flow (Lpa) 50-80
Working pressure (Mpa) 19.0
Weight incl. grapple 0,12*/ Weight of crane (Kg) -
Weight incl. grapple 0,16*/ Weight of crane (Kg) -
Weight incl. grapple 0,20*/ Weight of crane (Kg) 1000/870
Weight incl. grapple 0,24*/ Weight of crane (Kg) 1040/870
Lifting force full length (excl. grapple/rotator) (Kg) 590
Lifting force of 4 m excl. Grapple and rotator

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